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RAD140 Results: What to expect with this SARM

The complete guide to RAD140 Results

Testolone, otherwise known as RAD140, is one of the most powerful Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs), which is a safer alternative to steroids.  Since this is extremely close to steroids, people who use it can expect a boost in their lean muscle mass and strength.  The other interesting thing about using any SARM is that you can expect to lose some weight in the process, which is almost unheard of when building muscle mass.

RAD140 results are extremely promising and the side effects appear to be very minimal.  Currently, there is no information on any long-term side effects, but the positive thing is that RAD140 does not appear to have the same side effects that are caused by steroids.  This is a major booster to people who are looking to bulk up while not having to worry about the potential side effects of their decision.

RAD140 has been used for many things besides the muscle building that it is known for today.  It has been said to help terminally ill patients avoid muscle wasting.  Clinical trials for RAD140 resulted in a potential cure for hormone receptor in breast cancer.  Its ability to help people beyond just muscle repair is an extraordinary possibility.

RAD140 results have shown up in five different areas thus far.  They include:

  • Strength Booster
  • Muscle Mass
  • Endurance
  • Neuroprotection
  • Body Recomposition

Strength Booster

Since RAD140 is considered to be a SARM, it no surprise that the use of RAD140 results in a boost in strength.  It helps anyone who wants to lift cruise through their routine without minimal pain.  It also helps your body heal so that you can move from one set to the next with very little pain.  This, in turn, will give users the confidence to put together a challenging set.  Knowing that RAD140 is giving you the boost of strength you need to push through a workout will challenge you to push yourself further than you ever thought possible.

Muscle Mass

Since RAD140 resulted initially in treatment for muscle wasting, it would make sense that it could be used to increase muscle mass.  Original trials showed a 10% increase in muscle mass in just under a month’s time.  It is expected that with regular use, RAD140 results in a gain of six to eight pounds of lean muscle mass in just six months.  This is an achievable goal that people will use as motivation as results will be shown very quickly.  Athletes will suddenly become faster and stronger while feeling a brand-new sense of energy to take them to the next level.


Athletes and bodybuilders that use RAD140 will notice that they have much more endurance than ever before.  It is training and helping your body to push through even some of the most difficult challenge.  Because your body is healing so quickly and you’re not feeling the pains of the workout, you are much more likely to prolong your workout than if you weren’t taking RAD140.  Many times, people don’t push themselves enough in a workout because they feel too weak.  RAD140 results in finishing that workout with energy to participate in activities after the workout.


As people age, and in particular men, their cognitive skills begin to diminish.  A decline in testosterone makes remembering things a challenge.  It can be extremely frustrating and defeating.  An exogenous test can be done to help treat this but, in turn, your chances of getting prostate cancer increase.  RAD140 results in being as effective as testosterone.  It helps to treat androgen-responsive tissue related diseases.  So, in addition to serving as a muscle builder, it also improves your cognitive functioning.  You are going to be able to feel a whole new release on life.

Body Recomposition

As can be gathered by all the information above, RAD140 results in complete body recomposition.  It will help beginners lose fat while building muscle at the same time.  This is a completely new concept to people who go to the gym and don’t understand why they are not losing weight.  The results to transform burning fat into muscle mass will take some time, so people are asked to be patient.  But, people who use RAD140 will notice a change in their bodies, their moods, and their endurance levels.  It will help to make them excited to work out every day.

In Conclusion…

RAD140 results will be mind-blowing.  People will not have to worry about the severe side effects that taking steroids has all while soaking in the benefits.  Common sense while using the product should come into play and you should never exceed the dosage recommended for you.  As with any change in diet or fitness, you should consult your physician before committing to taking RAD140.  Between its benefit in the medical community and the benefits it provides to the workout community, RAD140 is a smart choice to taking care of yourself.

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